Forged Earrings

Earrings Spade

Photos by Joe Ballow


Student Work Submitted to Magazine- Rings

The Nauset Metals program is submitting several photos to Art Jewelry Magazine, a National Publication for an article later this year. These are pictures submitted of student rings and earrings.

Hand Forged Sterling Silver Earrings- Student S.R.

Sterling Silver Ring, CZ- Student K.C.

Sterling Silver Ring, African Garnet- Student L.G.

Same as above

Lost Wax Cast Sterling Silver Ring- Student M.C.

Copper/Fine Silver Mokume Gane Ring, Diamonds- Student A.R.

Copper/Sterling Silver Mokume Gane Ring- Student J.K.

Same as above

Copper/Sterling Silver Mokume Gane Ring- Student M.T.

Copper/Sterling Silver Ring, Heat Patina- Student M.T.

Photos by Joe Ballow