Fine and Applied Arts Night 2017

Fine and Applied Arts Night 2017 at Nauset is this Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30-9:00 at the high school. Many pieces from the Nauset Metals program will be on display, including earrings, metals of honor, rings, perfume bottles, bookmarks, sculptures, necklaces, independent projects and more! Be sure to come check it out.



Art Metals 1 First Completed Project

The Art Metals 1 classes have just finished creating a striped bass keychain. Each student reproduced the striped bass example, learning a variety of texturing techniques during the process. Additionally, the students were able to add their own creativity to the piece by creating a unique signature on the back of the keychain by texturing a small piece of metal. Now, the Art Metals 1 students are about to begin a new project creating a bookmark. This will be the first project that the students are able to design themselves. The students were instructed to find inspiration for their bookmark from either a book or a scene in nature. (Be sure to check out the posts that will document their process in making the bookmark!)


Examples of Finished Striped Bass Keychains:



Art Metals 1 Bookmark Process Post #2

Today in Art Metals 1, some students began to cut out the designs they created for the top of their bookmarks. JT Tulloch was one of these students.

JT’s design:


JT Tulloch

I asked JT a few questions about his design inspiration and the process of creating the bookmark as he worked.

  1. JT, what were you inspired by when you created your bookmark?
    • I go boating a lot in the summer and we see a lot of whales. Whales have always interested me so I decided to create a bookmark that pertains to my life.
  2. What stage are you currently at in creating your bookmark?
    • I am currently cutting out the top frame of the whale’s tail.
  3. What tool are you using to cut out the whale’s tail?
    • I am using the jeweler’s saw.
  4. Do you plan to use texture on the tail?
    • Yes, I plan on texturing the frame so that the whale’s tail will continue onto the edges of the frame.
  5. Do you have any experience with using textures?
    • Yes, I recently finished creating a stripped bass keychain and the face, gills, and tail were all textured.

JT cutting out the whale’s tail:


The next phase of this process will begin once the students finish cutting out the tops of their bookmarks. Be sure to come back and check it out!

Art Metals 1 Bookmarks Process Post #1

Today, many of the art metals students with completed designs began the process of creating their bookmarks. The students were instructed to create a bookmark inspired by either a novel or a scene from nature.

Some of the first completed designs:

Olivia Fitzgerald was the first student to begin working in metal on her bookmark. I asked her a few questions as she began the process.

  1. Olivia, it appears you are in the beginning stages of creating your bookmark. What is the first step?
    • The design process is very important.
  2. And what was the inspiration for your design?
    • My bookmark is based on Beauty and the Beast. I was inspired to create this bookmark because I recently saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie. The top depicts Belle and the Beast looking at the rose. And the bottom has Lumiere the candelabra.
  3.  What are you working on at the moment?
    • I just taped my design to the metal and I am about to drill holes in the piece so I can begin cutting out the negative space.

Olivia working on the drill press:


Olivia’s design:


These were the first stages of creating the bookmark in Art Metal 1. Be sure to check out the posts to come as the students progress towards completing this major project. A new student will be featured every post!

Snow Library Art Exhibit 2017


From April 5th until April 25th, pieces from the Nauset Art Department will be on display at the Snow Library in Orleans. This display will include many works from the Nauset Metals Department, which will be located in the entryway display case. Many of the pieces on display are from the Jewelry 1 and Art Metal 1 classes, while others are from advanced students and have recently won awards in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition. Below is a piece by Jackson Stockdale which has recently won a gold key in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition. This piece will be on display along with many others.


Jackson Stockdale- Gold Key

An Interview with Fiona Edwards

Fiona Edwards, a senior, is a very accomplished metals student at Nauset. She has been taking metals classes for three years and is now an independent study. Today we sat down with her to talk about her time with the Nauset Metals department, the pieces she has created, and the piece she is currently working on.

IMG_2139Fiona with her piece titled Hypnotic octopus

  1. What metal classes have you taken?
    1. I have taken Art metal 1, Jewelry 1 and Jewelry 2.
  2. When did you take your first metal class?
    1. The first half of my sophomore year I took my first metal class, when I took art metal 1. I had previously worked with clay but working with metal soon became my favorite medium. I was excited to learn about a new way of creating art and soon knew that I wanted to continue taking metals classes at Nauset.
  3. What is your favorite medium to work with in art metal?
    1. My favorite mediums are copper and sterling silver but I use copper more often because it is very malleable and I love the color and tones it gives to a piece.
  4. As you are a senior, do you plan on continuing to work with metal?
    1. I am going to University of Rhode Island where I will pursue a Biology major but I plan on continuing to create pieces because I had such a wonderful experience learning in this class.
  5. Tell me about some of your favorite pieces that you have completed.
    1. So far, my favorite piece is my dragon ring which is a lost wax casted sterling silver ring with an emerald set into it. I learned how to create this ring in my Jewelry 2 class last year, where I began working on it. I then continued to work on it as an independent study and completed it in November. I entered this piece into the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition and it received an honorable mention.
    2. The second piece that I completed this year was my octopus pendant. I created it through a process called chasing repoussé and finished it by setting it with opal cabochons for eyes. I enjoyed making this piece because I was able to learn a new way to form metal. My octopus also got an honorable mention in the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition.
  6. What are you working on right now?
    1. Right now I am working on creating a dragon sculpture. So far I am in the process of finishing the head. The entire piece is going to be be made primarily out of copper and right now I am trying to create a tongue made out of brass, so that when the jaw swings the tongue will lift up and be seen. Before I went to metal, I started planning how the dragon would look by first creating a 3-D design out of paper which I modified and made a second paper dragon, which I am now using as a reference as I create the dragon out of metal.
  7. Why do you like to make dragons?
    1. I grew up reading countless fantasy books including the entire Chronicles of Narnia series before fifth grade. I like making dragons because when you think of the fantasy genre, dragons are one of the first things that come to mind. Also dragons and their anatomy are very interesting to design and create.
  8. Do you have any advice for people who are considering taking metals courses?
    1. I would recommend metals classes to anyone who is interested in learning about a new way to create art. One of the most important things to remember when taking this class is to retain the processes taught because you will use them in later classes.


Fiona at Work


Some of Fiona’s Pieces

Art Show at Orleans Town Hall!


During the month of March, five metals pieces made at Nauset have been on display at the Youth Art Show at Orleans Town Hall in celebration of National Youth Art Month. Tomorrow, Friday March 10 there will be a reception at Orleans Town Hall from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Can’t make it? You can still come see these amazing pieces at Orleans Town Hall through the end of March.

The following pieces will be on display: