Andrew Battles

Sophomore, Andrew Battles, is just beginning his independent work in the metals department. He just finished his polished hammer below. He wrote about his project saying, “During the first few weeks of my art metal class I was pondering on what I should do for my first project. I decided on making a hammer out of a railroad spike. By using the gravity saw, I cut the railroad spike about two inches from the head. After coming up with a design, I used a bench grinder to remove all the rust and external imperfections. Once the basic shape was achieved, I started using files to put details into it. Next, I moved onto sanding it down to a smooth surface. To harden the hammer head, I used a torch to heat it to a glowing red to orange color. I put the hammer head  in vegetable oil to cool it and correctly harden it. After it cooled, I had to sand the places of contact in order to Temper it. Once I finished sanding the faces I used a series of buffing wheels to put the finishing touches on the head. The I constructed the hammer handle out of a piece of cedar. I used the ban saw to cut the shape out. Next, I filed it down to a smooth surface. Once it was smooth added linseed oil. Finally, I used an old fashioned style nail to secure the hammer head onto the handle.”


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