Nauset Regional High School is unique in its commitment to offering a myriad of courses in the fine and applied arts. It is especially unique in the wide array of courses offered in its well-equipped metals studio. Here, students are able to explore metalwork in many different forms, making everything from jewelry to switch plates to larger sculptural pieces. Courses begin by building a foundation of basic techniques, working up to more advanced practices. With many attaining a level of achievement found normally at the college-level, Nauset students are truly fortunate. Here is the list of metals classes offered at Nauset Regional High School.

Art Metals I
Grades 9 – 12

This course is designed for students interested in exploring metal crafts as an art form. Students will be exposed to making basic designs with copper, brass, tin work, and techniques in soldering and brazing. The use of appropriate tools will be explored. Students at all levels of ability and interest may apply. This course may not be repeated, however interested students are urged to move on to Art Metal II.

Art Metals II
Grades 9 – 12

This course is a one semester course where students will further develop the techniques and procedures learned in Art Metals I, taking them to a more advanced level of design and craftsmanship in the field of metal work. Techniques in artistic casting, welding, brazing, and forming will be explored. This course may not be repeated, however interested students are urged to move on to Advanced Metals.

Advanced Metals
Grades 10 – 12

Advanced Metals is an advanced course for students who have met the prerequisites (Art Metals I and II). This is a 1/2 year course where entrance is based on a review of students’ previous work in metal and the approval of the instructor. Students will be expected to work at a sophisticated level where an emphasis will be placed on individual design and techniques. Topics of instruction will be lost wax casting, hollow fabrication, fold forming, etching, metal patinas, and advanced instruction in welded sculpture. This course may be repeated.

Jewelry I
Grades 10 – 12

This class introduces basic issue and techniques that are unique to jewelry making as a creative and expressive medium. Traditional and contemporary designs will be explored. Techniques covered: basic fabrication (cold connections, sawing, forging, soldering and finishing), casting and stone setting. Safety and proper use of tools will be covered in all areas. This course may not be repeated.

Jewelry II

Grades 10 – 12

This course is designed for those students who want to continue their study of jewelry making. Students will be expected to further explore the techniques learned in Jewelry I. Emphasis will be placed on individual projects that integrate all the skills learned in Jewelry I. Students will also be required to research a new technique and complete a project which employs this technique. Possible areas of study: Casting, Repouse/chasing, Mokume Gane mechanisms, chain making, faceted stone setting.

Bicycle Frame Building

Grades 10 – 12

In this year long class students will design, jig, and fabricate a single speed lugged bicycle frame. Frames will be built from chromoloy steel with an emphasis on custom design and finishing. If time permits, students will also have the opportunity to build custom racks and fenders for his or her frame.





Independent Study
Grades 10 – 12

Independent studies are offered, upon approval by instructor, to give interested students the opportunity to explore an area of concentration on their own. Through self-led study, students are able to pursue a more in-depth investigation of a topic of their choice. This study involves research, and, ultimately, the creation of unique pieces in their area of focus.

Current Big Projects : Landsailer Project