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Junior student Taylor Fleming, is an independent study. Here are some of the pieces she has worked on. One ring has a hammer texture band with a scalloped backing piece and a tear drop shaped coral stone.  Next there are Cape Cod shaped pendants. Another ring has a hammer textured band that has an octopus and two fish sweat-soldered onto it with a flush-set ruby in the middle. The last picture is a set of stacking rings, one has sea glass and one has an opal in it. Taylor tells us: “Rings are my favorite kind of jewelry to make but being an independent is helping me explore and try so many new things.”

End of the 2016-17 School Year!

The Nauset Metals department has had a very successful year. Many new pieces have been made and we have had some great displays and art shows. Also, many of the pieces made this year won awards in the 2017 Boston Globe art and writing awards. Some of the pieces made this year are below:

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Check back next fall for updates as Nauset Metals begins a new School Year! Have a great summer!

Art Metals 1 Bookmarks Finished!

Today was the last day of Art Metals for the year and most students have finished their bookmarks. Two of these students were Olivia Fitzgerald and Emily Sanders. In order to complete their bookmarks, they removed the excess solders and then finished the metal by polishing it.

Emily’s Bookmark:

FullSizeRender 14

Olivia’s Bookmark:

FullSizeRender 13


Emily and Olivia are glad that they finished their bookmarks. They both say it was a very rewarding experience. Overall, the Art Metals 1 bookmarks were a success!

Bookmark Process Post #4

Today, in the Art Metals 1 class, some of the students soldered the frames of their bookmark to the top pieces. Emily Sanders was one of the students. I asked her a few questions about what she is currently working on and when she hopes to finish the bookmark.

  1. Emily, what are you currently working on?
    1. I have just finished soldering my frame to the top of my bookmark and now I am preparing the bottom of the bookmark to be attached.
  2. And how are you doing that?
    1. I have cleaned it by pickling it and now I am filing the bottom piece so that it will fit with the top.
  3. What will the next step be?
    1. Next, I will solder the base of my bookmark to the top of the bookmark. I am about to do this right now. 
  4. When do you expect to be finished?
    1. Hopefully, before school ends. We have 2 more classes.

Shortly after I talked to her, Emily completed the next step of the process by soldering the bottom of the bookmark to the top. I asked her questions about this as well.

  1. What have you just finished doing?
    1. I have just finished attaching the base of the bookmark to the top by soldering the two pieces together.
  2. Was this challenging?
    1. No, not really, it took me less than 5 minutes.
  3. Are you happy with the way it came out?
    1. Yes. It was easier than expected.

Emily’s Bookmark before attaching the base:



After attaching the base:




Emily Working on the bookmark:



Other students working on their bookmarks:


Now, Emily must simply finish the metal of her bookmark and she will be done! Check back soon for the last bookmark process post.

Bookmark Process Post #3

The students are continuing to work on their bookmarks as they hurry to finish them before the end of the school year.

Pictures of the students in action:


Montana Bailey


Montana Bailey


Olivia Fitzgerald


Nate Rowe


Ben Morgan



The above bookmark was created by JT Tulloch. He is now preparing to solder the frame to the top of his bookmark. Many of the students in his class are also at this stage in the process of creating the bookmarks.

Check back soon for another process post!

Art Metals 1 Learns to Solder!

Today, the B2 Art Metals 1 class learned how to solder metal. Soldering is a complex skill but is essential in art metal. Soldering uses a torch to melt metal called solder onto two pieces of metal in order to connect them.

Mr. Craven teaching the class how to solder:

Mr. Craven also taught the class how to use the pickle after soldering. The pickle is a pot of acid that removes oxidation and flux from newly soldered metal. With these skills, the students will be able to continue the creation of their bookmark by soldering the frames to their bookmarks. Many of the students will try this new skill today.

Mr. Craven showing the pickle to the students:


If you would like to learn more about soldering and how it is done check out the soldering post under techniques!

Fine and Applied Arts Night Summary 2017

This year’s fine and applied arts nights were a huge success for all of the arts departments at Nauset. The show included garmets made by the fashion design classes, paintings, sketches, photos, prints, sculptures, pottery, furniture made in woodworking, jewlery and art metals pieces, and more!

The Nauset Metals department was well represented at Fine and Applied Arts Night, with the majority of the pieces made this year on display. Below are some of the highlights of the metals department of the show.