This is the website of the Metals program at Nauset Regional High School.

The instructor is Jody Craven


Nauset Regional High School
100 Cable Road
North Eastham, MA 02651


Joseph Ballow
4 Old Farm Rd
Orleans MA, 02653

Aria Conte – 13contea@nausetschools.net

This site was created by Joseph Ballow © 2008.

Much of the content was taken from the original site created  by Mallory Kender © 2005, and updated in 2006 by Ben Collins © and Moly Avellar ©.

Any questions, just leave a comment.


  1. The hammer was made by a student. I’m sure he would make another if you are interested. It is hand made damascus. I see that Rio is in your email address, do you work for Rio Grande? Thanks for the comment. Jody On Tue, Feb 2, 2010 at 6:59 PM,


  2. the photos and displays are fantastic.
    what a beautiful gift you are nuturing with these young creative talented young people. How lucky they are!!!!
    Do you have a store-in the school where they are sold?–do they accept orders? What is the cost range?
    Thank you for sharingyour gift with these students.


  3. I have really learned new things as a result of your site About Nauset Metals. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. Thanks for the points you have contributed in About Nauset Metals.


  4. I am an adult who is looking for a metal working class or instruction. Can you direct me to someone or someplace. Thank you.


  5. Mr.Craven Is teaching a ring making workshop through the Cape Museum of Fine Art. It will be on May 12th AND 13th. You can sign up through the Cape MFA.


  6. Thank you nausetmetals for the response. I am a beginner and need a basic course on cutting, stamping and attaching. I am most interested in making pendants. I will look at the ring making workshop and MFA.


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