Art Metals 1 Learns to Solder!

Today, the B2 Art Metals 1 class learned how to solder metal. Soldering is a complex skill but is essential in art metal. Soldering uses a torch to melt metal called solder onto two pieces of metal in order to connect them.

Mr. Craven teaching the class how to solder:

Mr. Craven also taught the class how to use the pickle after soldering. The pickle is a pot of acid that removes oxidation and flux from newly soldered metal. With these skills, the students will be able to continue the creation of their bookmark by soldering the frames to their bookmarks. Many of the students will try this new skill today.

Mr. Craven showing the pickle to the students:


If you would like to learn more about soldering and how it is done check out the soldering post under techniques!


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