Art Metals 1 Bookmarks Process Post #1

Today, many of the art metals students with completed designs began the process of creating their bookmarks. The students were instructed to create a bookmark inspired by either a novel or a scene from nature.

Some of the first completed designs:

Olivia Fitzgerald was the first student to begin working in metal on her bookmark. I asked her a few questions as she began the process.

  1. Olivia, it appears you are in the beginning stages of creating your bookmark. What is the first step?
    • The design process is very important.
  2. And what was the inspiration for your design?
    • My bookmark is based on Beauty and the Beast. I was inspired to create this bookmark because I recently saw the new Beauty and the Beast movie. The top depicts Belle and the Beast looking at the rose. And the bottom has Lumiere the candelabra.
  3.  What are you working on at the moment?
    • I just taped my design to the metal and I am about to drill holes in the piece so I can begin cutting out the negative space.

Olivia working on the drill press:


Olivia’s design:


These were the first stages of creating the bookmark in Art Metal 1. Be sure to check out the posts to come as the students progress towards completing this major project. A new student will be featured every post!

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