Art Metals 1 Bookmark Process Post #2

Today in Art Metals 1, some students began to cut out the designs they created for the top of their bookmarks. JT Tulloch was one of these students.

JT’s design:


JT Tulloch

I asked JT a few questions about his design inspiration and the process of creating the bookmark as he worked.

  1. JT, what were you inspired by when you created your bookmark?
    • I go boating a lot in the summer and we see a lot of whales. Whales have always interested me so I decided to create a bookmark that pertains to my life.
  2. What stage are you currently at in creating your bookmark?
    • I am currently cutting out the top frame of the whale’s tail.
  3. What tool are you using to cut out the whale’s tail?
    • I am using the jeweler’s saw.
  4. Do you plan to use texture on the tail?
    • Yes, I plan on texturing the frame so that the whale’s tail will continue onto the edges of the frame.
  5. Do you have any experience with using textures?
    • Yes, I recently finished creating a stripped bass keychain and the face, gills, and tail were all textured.

JT cutting out the whale’s tail:


The next phase of this process will begin once the students finish cutting out the tops of their bookmarks. Be sure to come back and check it out!


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