End of First Semester Jewelry I

The first set of half-year jewelry and metals classes have recently completed. Many students in the jewelry 1 class began with no metal experience at all. Leaving jewelry 1, students are able to comfortably cut metal using a jeweler’s saw, use and change a drill press, file metal using a variety of different files, polish metal, finish metal using petinas, form ear wires with pliers, ball wire, rivet pieces together in multiple ways, set stones and even solder. It is clear that these students learned so much considering they only took a half-year class. During the jewelry 1 class, 3 projects were completed. The first was a pair of earrings, the second was a metal of honor, which was a pendant or pin students made to honor a loved one, and the third was a ring made with a bezel set stone.

Many of these first-time metals students were intrigued by the processes learned during Jewelry 1 and will continue to take more metals classes throughout their years at Nauset. The Nauset Metals program is a great opportunity for students to learn a new art form and skill that most are never exposed to. If you are considering taking a metals class, such as jewelry 1, know that metals classes are best for creative students that like art and like to work with their hands. Attached are pictures of a few of the earrings completed during the fall semester Jewelry 1 class. More can be viewed in the photo gallery section.


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