Jewelry One

This jewelry one class is a combination of new students and more experienced students who have taken art metal one the previous year. Due to the varied experience levels the students are working on either learning how to use the jewelers saw, or using skills they already have to complete a piece.

The qualifications for the piece were that it needed to be made out of a 2inch by 2inch piece of brass, it needed to incorporate negative space, a bail for it to hang from, and it must be wearable. It also needed to include a stamped texture. Before they started cutting their designs needed to be approved by Mr. Craven.

Below are pictures of a variety of the students designs. Stay tuned for their finished products!

IMG_0002  IMG_0003-0IMG_0012IMG_0001IMG_0011-0                                                               IMG_0004 IMG_0005IMG_0007IMG_7311     IMG_0015IMG_0014                        IMG_0008IMG_0010IMG_0006


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