Jewelry 2 Casting

The class of Jewelry 2 recently completed the casting of their wax rings. Their wax-molded rings were attached to a sprue. Students then painted ‘Wax Clean’ to get the air bubbles off of the model. They then attached it to the button, and then attached it to the flask and then took investment and added water. Then students to put it on the vacuum to get the air out. The investment was then dumped into the flask, put back in the vacuum, taken out, and let sit for 24 hours. Students then put their rings in the kilm, face-down so that all the wax melted out. Silver is melted in the crucible, dumped into the cast and put on the vacuum, then quenched till the investment falls off.  Students then pickled their rings, cut off all the sprues and are currently finishing their rings.

Above are pictures from the entire process, be on the lookout for the final product from Jewelry 2 Students!


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