Getting started is the hardest part….right?

The author of this beautiful blog, was given the challenge of stepping beyond the comforts of the computer to test herself with some actual metal work. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I warily accepted with the poor assumption that I’d be able to get the hang of it. I was quite mistaken, as on the first day, even with the aide of a fellow student, I couldn’t seem get the saw blade into the saw frame, a simple procedure many other students seemed to consider a formality in the learning process. Morale was low and it looked bleak but through some encouragement and finally getting the saw blade in place, I began cutting. Craven took some pictures, shown below, to document this moment.

It made me realized that the talent and ability of these students is not something to be taken lightly. Their skill and creativity displayed is unmatched to any other department. The opportunity to be able to join these students in this process is truly a great opportunity and I’m excited to see what happens. Will this blogger actually be able to stick with it or will she hang up her saw blade forever? Check back for updates on her journey and Craven’s sanity!


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