Jewelry 2

The Jewelry 2 Class has been working on their designs for their next projects: lockets. Below are some of the students working, as well as a sneak-peek of a design from a student

Check back in to see some of the finished lockets from Jewelry 2 students!

Jewelry 1 Showcase

The students of the Jewelry One class have completed their projects of the first term. Below are some of the selected works from students in the class.

2015 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition Winners

Below are the winners of the 2015 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Competition.

Congrats to our winners!

Independent Study Spotlight: Shay Rego

In a previous blog post, Shay Rego, a junior in the Metals Department, showed us her unfinished pendant that she was working on for her mom, shown in the picture below. Her finished product is the picture on the right, with a nicer shine and the beautiful jewels she set. She added the bail as her final addition.

We’ll keep you updated on other independent study projects as we approach the end of the first term!

3D Printer in Action!

The 3D printer was put into action through the creation of this small chess piece, pictured below, for junior Soleil Cole-Olson, in the creation of her Medal of Honor for Miles Tibbets, a student who passed away in August of 2013. A chess club was created in his honor and the piece was created and made through the 3D printer. Jetta Chess Piece

Keep checking up on the blog to see new creations from the 3D printer!

Happy Holidays

Mackenzie Dubois, a junior independent study in the Metals Department recently gave Craven the best Christmas gift ever; his very own novel! Mackenzie transformed the classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, to a more modern version.

Merry Christmas from the Metals Department!

2014 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Submissions

Below are the recent submissions by the Nauset Metals students for the Boston Scholastic Art Competition.

Jetta Cook; “The Last Straw”

Jetta Cook, one of the coolest and most talented people in the department, recently embarked on a journey all her own; handling the 3D printer. Titled “Khan”, (a Star Trek reference, Jetta explains,) wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to handle. She has given the printer a life of its own and has recently created a locket, pictured below.


Jetta is eager to see what else she can create throughout the year before she graduates.


Independent Study Spotlight: Shay Rego

Shay Rego, a junior independent study in the Metals Department, recently gave us insight on the new project she’s working on.

Q: So Shay, what are you working on?

Shay: I’m currently working on a pendant for my mother.

Q: Why are you making it for your mom?

Shay: Well next year I will be heading off for college, and so I wanted to make her something that she can remember me by.

Q: Why did you pick the Cape as your inspiration for this piece?

Shay: It’s my home and I wanted a way for my mom to hold me close to her heart even if she’s not there.

Check back for updates on Shay’s project!


New Term, New Earrings!

With first term ending, we begin second term with some new earrings courtesy of the Art Metal classes. Below are a sample of the creations from students of the various questions. Check back in to see their next project, Medals of Honor.

Getting started is the hardest part….right?

The author of this beautiful blog, was given the challenge of stepping beyond the comforts of the computer to test herself with some actual metal work. Not one to shy away from a challenge, I warily accepted with the poor assumption that I’d be able to get the hang of it. I was quite mistaken, as on the first day, even with the aide of a fellow student, I couldn’t seem get the saw blade into the saw frame, a simple procedure many other students seemed to consider a formality in the learning process. Morale was low and it looked bleak but through some encouragement and finally getting the saw blade in place, I began cutting. Craven took some pictures, shown below, to document this moment.

It made me realized that the talent and ability of these students is not something to be taken lightly. Their skill and creativity displayed is unmatched to any other department. The opportunity to be able to join these students in this process is truly a great opportunity and I’m excited to see what happens. Will this blogger actually be able to stick with it or will she hang up her saw blade forever? Check back for updates on her journey and Craven’s sanity!

Nauset Metals T-shirts! Look like the coolest kid in school!

That’s right folks, we’re thinking of bringing back the wonderfully designed Nauset Metals T-shirts that were for sale during Fine & Applied Arts Week of the 2013-14 school year. Since we don’t want to make the shirts without the demand for them, we’ve attached a poll for the viewers to vote on what they would like. Please take a chance to look at our design below as well as previous posts about the shirt then vote.  A follow-up post will be featured in the upcoming weeks based on the results. Thanks for your ongoing support for the Nauset Metals Department!











We’re Baaaaack

The Nauset Metals Department is back and better than ever! We’re excited for all of the projects and designs that’ll be created in the 2014-2015 school year. We’ve got new and exciting materials to try out, including the 3D printer, which is sure to present some interesting creations. We asked some of our students, what are you looking forward to this year in the Metals Department?

Jetta Cook, senior said: Exploring the different possibilities that come with 3D printing and the application they have to metalwork.

Sonya Bergquist, freshman said: Being able to wear the things that I make.

Rachel Mulcahy, sophomore said: Improving my skills with metal.

Shay Rego, junior said: Advancing my techniques as an independent study.

Be sure to check in on the exciting projects that we’ll be starting in the upcoming weeks in the Metals Department!

One Last Thing Before We Go…

We’ve had a great year in the Nauset Metals Department. The 2013-2014 year brought new projects and pieces that showcased the talents of many students, some of which are shown below. We’ll return in the fall to update you on all the exciting things happening during the 2014-2015 school year. Have a great summer!

3D Printer

This year the Metals Department was fortunate enough to get a 3D printer this year. Jetta Cook and Silas Watkins, both juniors, built the printer which allowed us to save money on the price. After completion, it is now up and running, and printing various pieces and objects in the studio. The printer and some examples are shown below:

Cape Cod Times Article

The Nauset Metals Department was recently featured in the Cape Cod Times for their talent in metal work. The link to the article is below

Caitlin Brown, 16, of Orleans, at right, shows a locket that she is in the process of making from copper, bronze and brass in Jody Craven’s metalwork and jewelry class at Nauset Regional High School. The results from Craven’s class are professional-looking pieces of jewelry that are often displayed around Cape Cod.


Independent Study: Katie Hannon

Katie Hannon, a sophomore in the Metals Department, gave insight into her latest project, a beautiful turtle necklace and bracelet (pictured below), which she gave to her sister, Kallie Hannon, a senior at Nauset.

Katie Hannon's bracelet/necklace set

Katie Hannon’s bracelet/necklace set

Q: Why did you choose turtles as your inspiration for the bracelet and necklace?

Katie: Kallie really likes turtles, so I wanted to make her something she would appreciate. I wanted to make something different for her, so I challenged myself to make a bracelet and I’m really happy with the way it turned out.’

Q: Why did you choose to make a set of both bracelet and necklace?

Katie: I wanted it to be more personal for Kallie, and also surprise her. Now that’s she’s going off to college it’s like she’ll always have a piece of me with her, which sounds kinda corny but it’s true!

Be on the lookout for more pieces from Katie as she continues her time in the Metals Department!

Lost Wax Casting: Before and After

The students of Jewelry 2 have been working on their Lost Wax Casting Rings, as shown in the previous blog post, and we’re excited to show you the finished products! Below are some highlights:

2014 T-shirt Design

Haley Benz, Art Metal 2 student, designed the 2014 Nauset Metals T-shirt. They were hand-screened in the Printmaking department. We’re quite pleased with the design this year! Art Metal 2 student Jake Labranche models the design below:

Fine & Applied Arts Night 2014

The students of the Metals Department displayed a wonderful selection of different pieces, along with a interesting look at the new 3D printer at Fine and Applied Arts Night. It was a great chance for the community to see the talent in the Metals Department. Below are some highlights from the showcases:


Lost Wax Casting

Mr. Craven & the Jewelry II students have been carving wax rings for lost wax casting and came in on Saturday, April 12th to actually cast the rings in sterling silver. Lost wax casting is a technique in which the students first carve a ring out of wax. They then carve into the ring with different tools, such as dental tools. The rings are then attached to a sprue and a button and filled around the investment, the same idea of pouring cement. The entire thing is then put into a kiln where the wax burns off, leaving  negative space where the ring is. Molten silver is then poured in or sucked in with a vacuum.

The wax rings the students first carve

The wax rings the students first carve

Craven demonstrates lost wax casting

Craven demonstrates lost wax casting













Below are some highlights of this project. We’ll keep you updated on the status of what the students have created using lost wax casting…

Snow Library Showcase

The students of the Arts Department at Nauset Regional High School recently got to showcase their pieces at Snow Library in Orleans. Below are some of the highlights from several students of the Metals Department located in the front showcase of the gallery…

Art Poster 2

5 Minutes of Fame: Independent Study

Hannah Pells, senior in the Metals Department, gives us insight into her new project, earrings she created while continuing to work on the previous earrings shown in our previous post about her independent study.


Hannah: While waiting for the stones for my other earrings to arrive, I decided to make these earrings. I think they’re really cool and unique and the design definitely plays into the theme I’ve been going for, which is kind of a nautical feel but with personal touches.

-It seems like you enjoy designing and making earrings, why do you think that is?

Hannah: I think they’re just fun to make. There’s definitely some talent and technique involved in making two of the same thing rather than one in say, a bracelet.

We’ll keep you updated on Hannah’s progress of her previous work & can’t wait to see what else she makes as she heads toward her final days in Metals Department!

5 Minutes of Fame: Independent Study

Lizzie Douglass, a junior at Nauset, shows us her latest project as part of her independent study with the Metals Department…

-What inspired you to make this bracelet?

Lizzie: I was looking through a book of different techniques for bracelet and jewelry design when I got inspired to make this bracelet. I really like the turquoise color of the stone, it adds just the right touch of color to make the bracelet pop.

-Would you say this bracelet is a good representation of you in the Metals Department?

Lizzie: I think so. It’s a very simple but elegant bracelet and it definitely shows how I can create a really interesting piece of jewelry from a single stone.

Be on the lookout for other pieces Lizzie designs as she continues her independent study in the Metals Department!

Spotlight: Independent Study

Hannah Pells, a senior at Nauset, gives us insight into her latest project as a part of her independent study in the Metals Department…


Hannah: I was looking through a book of various designs from Ross Coppelman, a well-known artist from the Cape when I got inspired to make these earrings. I’m adding stones so they really pack a punch.

photo    -Any new techniques?

Hannah: I melted scrap silver and used the end of a dap to squish the silver while it was still warm. Craven called it ‘melting and squishing’, so I guess that’s a new  technique? I then oxidized and darkened the earrings, polishing the rest of it to leave one part shiny, so they really stood out.

Hannah will be ordering new stones and finishing her earrings in the upcoming  weeks. We’ll keep you updated on her progress, we can’t wait to see the finished  product!

3-D Figures

The Nauset Metals Students recently were challenged to create three-dimensional figures to showcase their talents, below are some favorites!

Be on the look out for more interesting projects by the Nauset Metals Department!

New Semester, New Projects

As the Nauset Metals Department enters the new semester, many new students and independent studies are joining the program or continuing their work from the first semester. These new students are broadening their knowledge of the Metals Department by starting  projects that showcase techniques that they’ve been learning, resulting in beautiful and interesting pieces of all different shapes and sizes. Be on the lookout for new pieces that show the creative ability of the student of the Nauset Metals Department!

Things are certainly heating up in the Metals Department!

Boston Globe Scholastic Art Winners

Below are the winners of the Boston Globe Schloastic Art Competition

Boston Globe 2014 Submissions

Below are work entered by students into the Boston Globe 2014 Scholastic Art competition.

Andrew Battles Hammer

Sophomore, Andrew Battles, created this functioning hammer that can be used inside the metals studio, or just a nice display of his talents. He just began as an independent study and is just beginning his work in the metals department. Below are pictures from different angles of this polished hammer. In the Student Work, Andrew’s hammer is shown in greater depth.


In Mr. Craven’s Art Metal I class, he assigned the task of creating a stamp to be used as a tool to add design to metal. Students were very creative creating images, such as snow flakes, fish,  cats, and all abstract shapes.

photo 4

Metal in the Raw

Below, are some stones and assorted metal used in the department. The stones are organized by color and can be used in almost all projects. The wire spools are great for design and in the basic assembly of projects.


Many people see the beautiful artwork that comes out of the metal department, but very few have seen the studio and all it’s components. Displayed are a few elements of the room. Photos taken by Abby Grattan, a student in the metal department.

Hannah Wilson

A few of Hannah’s metal projects have been highlighted on our page under the ‘Independent Work’ page and “Hannah Wilson’. Make sure to check it out!

Nauset Art Metal Collection Featured at Snow Library

Taking a drive or doing some chores in the Orleans area? Take some time and stop by the Orleans Snow Library and take a look at our most recent work from the Nauset Art Metals department! We have works ranging from first year students to senior independent studies! On display we have Jewelry 1 earrings, rings, and metal of honors! You can also see independent work that includes chains, pendents, rings, earrings, bracelets, and even a perfume bottle! Walk up to the front entrance, through the double doors, and you’ll see our work right away!

Thank you from all of us at the Nauset Art Metals department!

Student Showcase: Carlisle Wheeler

photoFor most, everyone loves to finish a project and start another one right away. Carlisle Wheeler, sophomore, did just that on her medal of honor in Mr. Craven’s Jewelry I class. ” I couldn’t wait to begin my medal of honor once i completed my earrings because I wanted to take on a much bigger and complex idea” she said. Carlisle decided to cut out a horse out of copper and rivet it onto a horseshoe cutout. You’d think that was it, but attached on the back was a picture frame she cut out that had a cover piece on top and could rotate out to see what was inside. This was a big task to take on for a Jewelry I student. “It got to be very frustrating at times trying to rivet so many pieces of metal onto a little pin but I was very happy with the end result” she said upon finishing.

Silias’s Take On A Classic Pen

When’s the last time you saw someone write with an old fashion feather pen? Bringing together two different styles Silias Watkins, Sophomore, decided to create a handmade pen. Using a copper base, Silias is in the process of finishing his new pen. By coming up with this idea he’s able to incorporate new techniques that he has learned to create a pen that looks modern with an old fashioned twist. Watch here to see Silias talk about his process, ideas, and even take a look at the pen so far!


The results for the 2013 Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards are in! We would like to congratulate our students who have won gold keys, silver keys and honorable mentions! Individual works as well as entire portfolios have been awarded to our students.

“Avian Paradise Pin,” Jetta Cook, Sophomore, Honorable Mention






“Nauset Light Perfume Bottle”, Alexander Calderwood, Junior, Silver Key


5 4
























“Mermaid’s Treasure,” Aria Conte, Senior, Gold Key


20 19 18








































“Jewelry Portfolio,” Ellie Garside, Senior, Gold Key





















31 31.5 30 30.2 30.1 29 28 27 26








































































































“Braided Gem,” Kenneth Granlund, Senior, Honorable Mention























“True Teacher,” Katie Hannon, Freshmen, Silver Key


16 15 14



































“Guepard,” Charlotte Miller, Junior, Silver Key















“Railroad Spike Knife,” Walter Rowell, Sophomore, Gold Key

11 10
























“Morgan Dollar Locket,” Walter Rowell, Sophomore, Gold Key


9 8 7 6














































“Dragon Scale,” Remy Tivnan, Senior, Honorable Mention

















“Lotus Locket,” Silias Watkins, Sophomore, Silver Key


3 2
























“Seagull Earrings,” Silias Watkins, Sophomore, Honorable Mention


1 1.5

Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2012-2013

It’s that time of year again! The Boston Globe Scholastic Art and Writing Awards have become a very important competition for the Nauset art department. Over the years, our students have been awarded various gold and silver keys, as well as honorable mentions. We are very proud of our students and are excited to show you the finished works.


Who Do You Honor?

Some say that high school students look past the small things, but not these ones! Nate and Morgan, Juniors, took their Medal of Honor project very seriously. They wanted to rightly show what their fathers meant to them. They took very important details of their lives and creatively put them into a work of art. Watch here as they explain their Medal of Honor!


Nauset Metals goes to YouTube!

Today in the metals studio students are practicing their annealing and soldering skills! Hannah Pells, Junior, is creating a small silver box clasp for a bracelet and Sam Pickard, Junior, is also working on a very unique bracelet.

Nauset Metals is always striving to find new ways to show ourselves to the public, so the next step was to create a YouTube channel!

Here are our first two videos!

Hannah Pells soldering her box clasp!

Sam Pickard soldering his intricate bracelet!


Student Showcase: Cassie Williams

As we begin to stumble into November our independent studies are working hard to finish their pieces for the Rio Grande Emerging Artist contest. Cassie Williams, Senior, is in the midst of completing her very first pendant. She created the design last year in the hopes of making it then, but with the end of the school year rush it just wasn’t an option. This contest gave Cassie the perfect opportunity to make her pendant!

When her materials had arrived she began quickly! She decided she would make her pendant out of Niobium and Silver, then she would set a 8.9 mm Blue Topaz stone. She knew this wouldn’t be an easy, but she took on the challenge!

She started by cutting her piece of niobium into a circle using a jeweler’s saw and then filed and sandblasted it. When that part was done she anodized it to create the heavy purple effect. Once the niobium piece was completed she used a dapping block to cut out a smaller silver circle to eventually rivet to her piece of niobium. To hold her stone in place she has to fabricated a bezel out of silver sheet because her stone was so large there was available no tubing in the needed size. Before she soldered the bezel to the silver circle she drilled holes in the niobium and the silver circles so she could clean the stone once the two pieces were riveted together. After soldering the bezel to the silver circle she cleaned up the piece by using scotch bright and a burnisher.

To rivet the pieces she first had to drill two holes in the silver and one hole in the niobium. Once that was completed she set her stone using the flex shaft. Cassie decided she would use all tube rivets on her pendant. After this her next step was to rivet one hole to connect the niobium and silver and then to drill the second hole through the niobium. Next she made the second rivet to connect the niobium and silver again.

Once she attaches the pendant a long necklace using a unique jump ring her pendant will be finished. All the holes will be filled, the edges clean ed and the metals shine,  her piece will be ready for judging and ready to be worn!

Student Showcase: Sean Mahoney

Into the second month of school the metals studio has been full with many different projects. Sean Mahoney, a Junior, decided to be extra productive and work on two projects at the same time. Along with fabricating a bike, he decided to attempt wire twist mokume. He has been working on this piece for almost two weeks. Although this process hasn’t taken too much time he has put a lot of thought and dedication into it.

He began with two pieces of wire; copper and brass. Once he annealed it he twisted them together tightly in a clockwise motion. After this he cut the twisted piece in half he and then put the two pieces on top of each other and soldered the ends together. The next step he took was to twist the soldered wire together counter-clockwise. Next Sean soldered the whole piece together so it would flow in between the two metals.

His next step was forging. He used the rolling mill and a hammer to bring the two metals closer together. To make sure these two pieces stayed together he soldered them together again to make sure it would flow to reinforce the connections. After this step he filed enough metal away to brightly expose the copper, brass and silver solder. Once that was completed he put it through the rolling mill again and then annealed it. Using the ring mandrel he bent the piece into a ring.

Just finishing up his wire twist mokume gane ring, he will now begin using a new technique called laminate mokume gane. Going through the process of wire twist mokume it gave Sean a background to begin his new project.

Sean is not the only student using this technique. Katie Sullivan (Senior) has created a wire twist mokume ring that, when finished, will look like a snake. Here is her piece so far…


When Cut-Outs Come to Life!

Whether you are a Jewelry or Art Metal student one of the first tasks in the class is to cut several  different shapes out of a small piece of brass. This year Mr.Craven added a twist for the students who have taken one of his classes before. Their task was not to only cut out shapes using a jewelers saw, but to somehow make a piece 3-D. The outcomes were amazing! They ranged from birds, spirals, spiders and crickets, and sailboats. Some were more abstract than others, but all in all it showed off the true creativity of the more advanced students!