Nauset Metals 2012 Freshmen Independent Students

For those of you who don’t attend Nauset Regional High School or don’t know what an “Independent Study” is, it is an opportunity for students with previous metals experience to work independently where an emphasis is placed on researching new techniques in the metal medium. Walter Rowell and Silas Watkins both started the year freshmen year in Art Metal 1. Walter also took Jewelry 1. Both of these young men started their Independent Studies at the beginning of term three, the second half of the year. Each student showed a lot of interest with working in metal and wanted to work at a more advanced level. With the permission the Mr. Craven, their parents, and their guidance counselor they began work right away.

The Freshmen Q & A with Silas Watkins!

Nauset Metals: “What did you first enjoy about Art Metals?”

Silas Watkins: “I liked being able to build these different projects and say that I made them myself.”

NM: “What projects from Art Metal 1 did you enjoy the most and why?”

SW: “I enjoyed the fish project where we had to cut out and file a fish then stamp on the scales. I liked this project the best because it produced the best product.”

NM: “Why did you want to take an Independent Study?”

SW: “I wanted to take an Independent Study to further my scholastic career in Art Metals.”

NM: “What project are you working on now?”

SW: “I am making a round domed locket out of copper with  brass bails with the design of a lotus flower cut out of it. Although this project has not taken a particularly long time so far, it has given me a few difficulties in cutting the lotus design out.”

NM: “What do you hope to gain from your Independent Study?”

SW: “I hope to be able to make jewelry for the people I love and gain the knowledge of soldering, casting, etching, and engraving.”

Freshmen Q & A with Walter Rowell!

Nauset Metals: “What did you first enjoy about Art Metals?”

Walter Rowell: ” I liked being able to work with my hands on projects and I’ve always been fond of working with metals.”

NM: “What project from Art Metal 1 did you enjoy the most and why?”

WR: “I enjoyed making the spiral with the frame because it had the most steps and it was the most challenging.”

NM: “What was your favorite project from Jewelry 1 and why?”

WR: “My favorite project was making the ring because that project was much more difficult and challenging because of the bezel setting and the tricky soldering.”

NM: ” Why did you want to take an Independent Study?”

WR: “I wanted to take an Independent Study so I could have more time in the Art Metals studio, make whatever I wanted, and learn more about different types of  methods in Art Metals.”

NM: ” What project are you working on now?”

WR: “I’m making a corrugated box with a rounded dome using the hydraulic box. The solder was giving me some minor difficulties as well as running a bit of my palm through the corrugator After getting all bandaged up, I went right back to work.”

NM: “What do you hope to gain from your Independent Study?”

WR: “I hope to gain more time and knowledge by spending the time learning and working while in the Independent Study. It will help me broaden my Art Metal and Jewelry horizon.”

Since these two boys are only freshmen they have three more bright years of high school and Art Metals ahead of them. Best of luck to you both from the entire Nauset Metals team!

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