Student Showcase: Hannah Pells

This year, my sophomore year, is my first time being an independent
study. I knew for my first jewelry project, it had to be special.
After taking Jewelry 1 last year with Mr. Craven and setting a
cabachon stone, I had an immediate interest in setting a faceted
stone. A few months ago I was looking through a jewelers book and
found a technique titled “Granulation”. The little balls of silver
were really neat. To make these granules, I had to cut small pieces of
silver from scrap. Then, I melted them down with a torch on a charcoal
block. Finally, I soldered them on to the ring. The process was very
tedious. Especially when filing and sanding around the granules. The
last step of my ring was setting my Anastasia topaz. Although Mr.
Craven actually did the final steps of the setting, I studiously
watched every thing he did to make the stone look perfect. I think
the ring turned out fantastic. This is definitely the best, and my
most cherished piece I’ve made to date.

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